‘Tinder Swindler’ Shimon Hayut charged because of the genuine Leviev diamond loved ones over impersonation

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The main topic of brand new Netflix real-offense documentary New Tinder Swindler is charged from the actual family unit members about new diamond kingdom exactly who he stated to-be a good member of as he presumably fooled several women he satisfied into this new relationship software out-of several millions.

In a nutshell

Centered on documents obtained of the Some body, Israeli Russian diamond tycoon Lev Leviev along with his family relations is suing Shimon Hayut, alias Simon Leviev, having millions shortly after he presumably impersonated her or him and put the past term in order to improve themselves.

The fresh new lawsuit, which was submitted inside the Tel Aviv, Israel, alleges that “for a long time, the guy [Hayut] has been and then make incorrect representations as the boy off Lev Leviev and having numerous benefits (together with material ones).”

The newest data allege you to Hayut has been “cunningly playing with false conditions, saying to get a member of the latest Leviev family relations, and therefore his nearest and dearest will pay and you may happen the costs out of their positives.

“He also utilized the LLD Diamonds signature while making their subjects believe that he had been in reality an element of the diamond company (it’s Ceo not less, for each his trademark) and was a member of brand new Leviev Family unit members.”

Consequently, Hayut is thought to possess “defrauded, cheated, fooled, falsified, and hurt females, males, and enterprises” on the a major international size, per documents.

“The newest offender made use of the relationships app ‘Tinder’ to get women who then he mentally manipulated, cunningly bamboozled of loans, and in the end pretty sure in order to import a large amount of cash so you can your under the guise to be on the run out-of anyone intending on the harming him,” the lawsuit stated.


Hayut drawn off a deluxe swindle away from huge amount of money from his Tinder times. If you are relationships these female, the guy implemented a cycle of developing a fake crisis, following inquiring their times for cash to aid him. His schedules put up the money via funds and you can using their private offers.

Hayut utilized the change ego Leviev identity claiming he had been the fresh new kid of your own Israeli Russian diamond tycoon Lev Leviev, holder of LLD Expensive diamonds.

The Netflix’s offense documentary The latest Tinder Swindler informs the storyline regarding three subjects who fell target so you can Hayut and you can forgotten millions of bucks. On the documentary, the ladies so-called you to definitely Hayut claimed he had been the fresh new kid regarding Leviev, grabbed them from extravagant dates and you can come matchmaking with these people prior to the guy in the course of time tricked them away from a large amount of cash. kissbrides.com try the web-site Hayut did not can be found in this new documentary to address this new accusations, but a sound message brand new film makers told you the guy delivered her or him is within the finally flick.

In 2015. Hayut offered two-and-a-half years in an excellent Finnish jail after he was convicted of defrauding three female. The guy also offered fifteen days during the a keen Israeli jail immediately after are found guilty out of five con fees, however, was released immediately following four weeks.

Exactly what could have been said?

Chagit Leviev, the fresh new dily’s fortune, granted a statement saying that Hayut try a “ripoff exactly who stole our very own family’s identity possesses made an effort to mine our good identity to fraud victims out of millions of dollars.”

She continued: “He’s zero regards to the brand new Leviev household members and also no association around LLD Expensive diamonds. I am treated one to his genuine title and you may measures had been all over the world unsealed, and you will develop this may bring relief from his unethical strategies.

“The brand new lawsuit i recorded now is just the starting point out of numerous we will be getting to own your face justice and also have the fresh new phrase the guy deserves.”

Kid Ophir, brand new Leviev family’s attorney, said inside the an announcement the lawsuit try “only the start of a good amount of legal actions.”

“In the next faze we’re going to file a financial suit up against Simon and any other associate that may run your, as well as particular other sites which have Shared possibilities having Simon and/otherwise provides available to pick cameos away from him,” the newest attorney told you inside the an announcement. “Anyone who will endeavour so you’re able to capitalise out of this strategy could well be prosecuted.”